Seven Sea Chemical group was founded in 1987, with its headquarters in Hong Kong. In 1994, it established the fashionable high-end brand "Hecom". Growing up all the way, "Hecom" takes the trend as the theme, high-quality sleep as the tenet, and never loses the time. In every step of transformation, it absorbs and sublimates into a modern European style high-end fashion life.


There are two large-scale production bases and many international logistics and distribution centers around the world, with businesses all over Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, as far as Canada, Britain, Australia, etc., and more than 300 specialized stores. In 2005 and 2016, it won the Superband of Hong Kong, and in 2019, for the first time, it won the award of Hong Kong famous brand issued by Hong Kong Brand Development Council and The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong. MingPao weekly Magazine Elite Award 2018 star quality home life brand award. In June 2019, we won the "Most Trusted Bed Brand Award" of "the most popular health brand award for medical staff" issued by Hong Kong Medical Association, which fully proves that Hecom is recognized by medical staff users.


Since 2011, "Hecom" has entered the domestic market and opened its own exclusive stores in the first tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In just one year, it has rapidly expanded nearly 100 stores in Guangdong Province.


"Hecom" products are mainly pocket spring mattress, foam mattress, leather sofa and furniture. In terms of performance, in addition to maintaining sufficient support, comfort, practicality and beauty, they all use high-tech high-quality sponge developed by ourselves as filling material, which is more solid and durable.

Different from the single business model of other brands in the same industry, "Hecom" integrates R & D, procurement, design, production, logistics and retail. It has a strong ability of new product development and manufacturing, enough capital to build new production lines, put products into production market, and rapidly occupy the market through our own store promotion and strong logistics distribution.


"Hecom" always adheres to the concept of health and comfort, an attitude of pursuing dignity and fashion. From trademark design, brand planning, promotion and operation, to product design, technology, material selection and packaging, etc., we are unique in integrating novelty, uniqueness and practicality, highlighting the existence value of fashion, warmth, art and taste, and integrating the brand characteristics of "diversity", "freedom" and "dignity and exclusive".


" Hecom" has a variety of styles, from classical to modern, covering Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Britain, Switzerland, Denmark and other countries. It is mainly made of self-made high-quality bedding, pillows, leather sofas and furniture. It integrates the resources of global high-end household brand manufacturers, covering living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, study, children's room, etc., bringing one-stop fashion to Hong Kong people. New taste and experience of shopping set off a new trend of warm life art.